Fire and Ice Bodysculpting

What it is: Sculpt your best body. Using a transformative treatment to target areas of concern, our Fire and Ice Bodysculpting eliminates unwanted fat through advanced cooling technology. Solutions for:

  • Undesired fat on the thighs, waist, upper arms, neck, and chin
If you want to know more: Fire and Ice Bodysculpting works by using cooling technology to kill fat cells, which freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissues. After the Fire and Ice device cools the targeted fat cells, the fat is crystallized, and over the next few weeks, your body will flush them out. Post-treatment, your body will continue to eliminate fat cells for up to six months. The device has applicators in a variety of sizes, and each is designed for a particular target area on the body. The number of treatments you will need depends on the areas you want treated, and the results you desire. Please allow 75-minutes for your Fire and Ice Bodysculpting treatment.

PureLight + PureWave Slimming

What it is: Get ready for summer with the ultimate slimming treatment. The most advanced body sculpting system available, Pure Light+ Pure Wave Slimming is designed to optimize every workout, resulting in a slim, tightened and toned body. Solutions for:

  • Any area of the body you are looking to sculpt, including abs, waist, hips, upper arms, thighs
I f you want to know more: Designed to prime your fat cells before a workout, PureLight and PureSlimming accelerates the rate of fat burn during cardiovascular exercise. After attaching the wireless electrodes to any body area you want to tone and tighten, the PureLight system emits a 635nm wavelength light that accelerates fat burning. The PureLight device rapidly opens pores in the fat cells, causing them to shrink, while excess fat is eliminated by your body. For the best results, we recommend receiving this treatment twice per week for the first three weeks. Immediately, most people have measurable reductions in the circumference of the treated area. Please allow 30-minutes for your Pure Light+Pure Wave Slimming treatment.

Stretch Mark Reduction

What it is: Beautify your body by removing undesired stretch marks. Using the newest and most-advanced technology in the cosmetic industry, this non-invasive treatment creates new skin and minimizes the appearance of stretch marks. Solutions for:

  • Stretch marks on the stomach, thighs, upper arms, buttocks or breasts
If you want to know more: The Stretch Mark Reduction treatment is performed by a state-of-the-art machine that creates new skin tissue and collagen using micro-needling and radio frequency technology. The majority of clients see incredible improvements, and see stretch marks fade after each treatment. A series of three is recommended for best results, and cumulative benefits are seen over time. Prior to the treatment, numbing cream will be applied to maximize comfort. Most patients report experiencing minimal discomfort, and return to regular activities immediately after the session. Please allow 90-minutes for your Stretch Mark Reduction treatment.

Hair Regrowth Scalp Treatment

What it is: Experience thicker, fuller and healthier hair. Using the latest techniques and technology in the cosmetic industry, this treatment helps regenerate damaged hair follicles and increase important growth factors and stem cells in the scalp to provide thicker, fuller hair within weeks. Solutions for:

  • Progressive types of hair loss, including androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata
If you want to know more: While dermatologists have long used microneedling to rejuvenate the face, microneedling is now being used on the scalp to prevent hair loss and stimulate regrowth. The Hair Regrowth Scalp Treatment works by rolling microscopic needles over the scalp to stimulates the production of collagen and hair growth-related genes. This treatment is increasing in popularity, and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness, which affects both men and women. A series of six treatments once per week is recommended for best results. Please allow 30-minutes for your Hair Regrowth Scalp Treatment.

Endermologie Cellulite Reduction

What it is: A powerful radio frequency treatment to target problem areas. Melt away cellulite and dimples with this transformative body treatment. A smooth, supple and soft body results. Solutions for:

  • Undesired cellulite and dimples
If you want to know more: Endermologie is a cellulite reduction treatment that involves massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin surface to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This treatment increases circulation, and stimulates the reactivation of fat release and production of collagen and elastin, to effectively reduce the appearance of dimples. A series of six is recommended for best results. Please allow 40-minutes for your Endermologie Cellulite Reduction treatment.

Spider Vein Removal

What it is: Unveil clear skin with advanced technology. This gentle yet effective treatment removes undesired spider veins and facial capillaries, resulting in beautiful and brilliant skin on the face and body. Solutions for:

  • Undesired facial capillaries
  • Undesired spider veins
If you want to know more: This treatment removes spider veins commonly found on the legs and occasionally on the face. Most clients describe this treatment as mildly uncomfortable, and feelings similar to a light flick of an elastic band. Depending on your skin type and the location of the veins, a series of one to three treatments is recommended for best results. Please allow 15-minutes for your Spider Vein Removal treatment.

Breast Enhancement

What it is: Give yourself the hourglass silhouette you’ve always wanted. This treatment will increase your breast size and enhance your feminine curves, while providing a lifting and firming effect. Solutions for:

  • Curvier, fuller breasts
  • Lifting your bust area
If you want to know more: Our Breast Enhancement treatment is a natural, safe and effective way to increase breast volume. After a specialized cream is applied, our machine massages and infuses the breasts with the cream, resulting in firmer, curvier and fuller breasts. This specialized cream has all natural ingredients, including Volufiline, a cosmetic ingredient from France, which helps to lift and increase volume. After your treatment, you’ll leave the salon with a 3-month kit for use at home. Please allow 30-minutes for your Breast Enhancement treatment.